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Please complete the following online application: 请填妥以下的网上申请表:

To underpin the implementation of anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism regime, Hantec Markets Limited ("HML") requires you to provide some identifying documents to satisfy the audit needs.



I do hereby confirm and acknowledge the following 本人确认及理解以下事项:


Financial Services Guide 金融服务指引  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Financial Services Guide provided by Hantec Markets Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘HML’).

Product InformationStatement 产品信息声明  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Product Information Statement provided by HML​​.

Terms and Conditions 条款及条件  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Terms and Conditions provided by HML.


I understand that I should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice in relation to the Terms and Conditions and this Online Live Account Application prior to submission;

that I understand the financial risks associated with Leveraged Foreign Exchange, Contract for Differences and Bullion Trading, including the risk that I can lose more money than I deposit;

that by properly completing and signing this Account Opening Form, it merely constitutes an offer to open an account with HML;

That if HML accepts my application to open an account, I shall receive a formal notice upon successful application as set out in the Terms and Conditions, and a binding agreement between HML and me shall be effective forthwith.

I hereby authorize HML to accept any fax messages and/or electronic documents from me/us as the original instruction,and I shall fully indemnify HML from and against all losses, damages, interest, costs, expenses, actions, demands, claims, proceedings whatsoever which may incur, suffer or sustain as a result of or arising from the exercise of that instruction, and HML shall in no way be liable for any losses hereof. This section is also applicable to the Terms and Conditions in respect of any other indemnities.

I hereby represent that the information provided herein is true, correct complete and accurate. I further represent that I will notify HML of any material changes in writing. HML reserves the right, but has not duty, to verify the accuracy of the information provided, and to contact such bankers, brokers and others as it deems necessary.

HML is entitled to rely fully on such information and representations for all purposes, unless HML receives notice in writing of any change.

If there is any inconsistency and/or discrepancy between the English version of this form and its Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.


that I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Terms that are noticed by Hantec Markets Limited;

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